Bus evacuation!

Today on the way to school, the bus turned in to a church parking lot (Hillcrest on 36th). The bus driver told us that we have to have 3 evacuations a year, so we know what to do if the bus is on fire. First we all went out the back doors, then half of us went out in the front, and the other half in the back, and then we all went out in the front. We started with getting the people from the opposite side of the bus to go out first (the ones sitting in front, were the first to go out in the back, but last to go out in the front.
We had to take the time, and check that we use under 3 (or maybe it was 4) minutes. We did it under 1 minute on all the ways. And after that we went back to the bus and went to school as normal.


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Mariann Krossøy

Mariann Krossøy

18, Bergen

Jeg er i Hudsonville, MI i USA som utvekslingselev skoleåret 13/14. Jeg reiser med Into/ISE. Jeg er i en flott familie på fire + en hund. Jeg reiste 21. august og begynte på skolen 3. september og ferdig 6. juni.